All Titles $99.99 Unless Marked Differently

Material Handling / Forklifts

7001A Safety Orientation For Elementary School Students
(English) (8 min.)  $69.99
Basic safety education is an important part of learning at the elementary school level. This program is designed to teach young students the basics of home and school safety. Important topics include chemical awareness, fire prevention, electrical appliances, machinery, and traffic safety.

7002A  Safety Orientation For High School Students
(English) (16 min.)  $69.99
As students begin to work with more sophisticated machines and chemicals, they need more advanced safety training. This program provides a basic introduction to industrial education and home safety, geared to the secondary student. Topics covered include basic electrical safety, machine guarding, handling and using chemicals at home, school, work, fire protection, and extinguishers.


7003A  Teacher Safety Orientation
(English) (20 min.)  $69.99
This program meets OSHA training requirements about general hazards in the classroom and school environment. Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced teachers, it covers electrical and mechanical safety, lifting, ladders, accident prevention and reporting, chemicals, and more.


7004A  Administrative Employee Safety Orientation
(English) (14 min.)  $69.99
This program meets OSHA requirements for offices, school yards, and other school topics. Topics include lifting ladders, accident reporting and prevention, and much more.


7005A  Hazard Communications For Administration & Teachers
(English) (10 min.)  $69.99
This program meets OSHA training requirements for employee "right to know" programs. Topics include material safety data sheets (MSDS), labeling, chemical hazards, and basic prevention techniques to avoid chemical exposure.


7006A  Hazard Communication For Custodial & Maintenance
(English) (10 min.)  $69.99
This program complies with OSHA training requirements for these jobs. Detailed information is provided for material safety data sheets (MSDS) and labeling, as well as in-depth coverage of hazard communications.

7007A  Safety Orientation For Custodial & Maintenance
(English) (18 min.)  $69.99
This program discusses general hazards on the job, including hand and power tools, electricity, machine operations, lifting, fire, asbestos, personal protective equipment, and more.

7008A Lab Safety For Junior/Senior High School Students
(English) (14 min.)  $69.99
This video is intended to augment the science teacher's safety instructions to students by emphasizing safety in the science labs. Protective clothing and equipment, fire prevention, chemical safety, and basic lab safety such as acids, flammables, glassware safety, and lab equipment are discussed.

7009A  Shop Safety For Junior/Senior High School Students
(English) (16 min.)  $69.99
This program covers safety in the shop environment welding, electrical, mechanical, personal protective equipment, hand and power tools, and fundamentals of industrial safety.  

7010A  Playground Safety For Elementary School Students
(English) (9 min.)  $69.99
This program teaches students how to avoid accidents on the playground, how to report accidents, and the importance of obeying rules to prevent accidents.

7011A  School Bus Safety For Elementary School Students
(English) (6 min.)  $69.99
Each year children are injured while riding on a school bus. This video provides a basic review stressing the importance of safety on the school bus.

7012A  Sanitation For Food Service Workers In The Cafeteria
(English) (12 min.)  $69.99
This program covers principles, bacteria growth, vector control, temperature controls, serving and storing foods, and personal hygiene requirements.  


7013A  School Crossing Guards & Traffic Control
(English) (9 min.)  $69.99
This program is designed to reinforce the safety training of persons working as crossing guards or other traffic control persons, including students.


7014A  Safe Lifting For High School Students
(English) (12 min.)  $69.99
School employees run a high risk of a serious back injury. This video explains safe lifting techniques in a variety of school related tasks and provides knowledge of how the back works and how to prevent back injury or muscle strain.


7015A  Fire Protection/Electrical Safety In School
(English) (9 min.)  $69.99
This program provides basic safety training in fire prevention and electricity for all persons involved with school teachers, administration, maintenance, and junior and senior high school students.

7016A  School Bus Inspection
(English) (10 min.)  $69.99
Designed as an awareness program to supplement mandated operator training programs. Explains bus inspection at the beginning of each day to ensure safety.

7017A  Chemical Waste Minimization Program For School Districts
(English) (13 min.)  $69.99
The name of the game in hazardous waste is "minimization!" Districts reducing their waste stream through adoption of a minimization program find their waste management costs significantly declining

7018A  Hazardous Chemicals & Materials In A School Environment
(English) (15 min.)  $69.99
This program explains OSHA and EPAN requirements for labeling, storing, using, handling and disposing of hazardous chemicals and materials.

7019A  Guide To AHERA Compliance
(English) (12 min.)  $69.99
Asbestos in older school buildings is a serious subject. This program details the guidelines necessary for compliance with AHERA regulations.


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