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Human Resources (Spanish)

Understanding People
(Spanish) (12 min.)
Discusses the various styles of leadership and management principles designed to help the supervisor understand how to develop their own unique management style. 

Supervisor Communications
(Spanish) (15 min.)
An important function of a supervisor is to be able to communicate with their employees. Explains how to listen and gain the respect of employees where employees will want to communicate freely with their supervisors. 

How to Reduce Absenteeism
(Spanish) (11 min.)
An absenteeism program is easy to implement. Program demonstrates how to counsel employees, implement and maintain a reduced loss time rate in the workplace. 

Hiring & Firing
(Spanish) (15 min.) 
Lack of understanding by the supervisor of the basics of hiring and firing can be harmful. Human resources is an important function of a company and must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. 

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
(Spanish) (12 min.)
Program defines sexual harassment, the legal and moral aspects of complying with labor laws, and how to prevent sexual harassment on the job. 

Time Management
(Spanish) (14 min.)
This program covers time management and how to get more accomplished in a day without increasing hours. 

Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace
(Spanish) (11 min.)
Trains supervisors on performance standards, how to handle reduced employee performance, and how to eliminate drug/alcohol abuse in the workplace. 

Safety & the Supervisor
(Spanish) (11 min.)
Safety is the supervisor's responsibility. This program will help motivate supervisors in their safety responsibilities.

The Troubled Employee
(Spanish) (11 min.)
Explains how employees with personal problems can affect job performance and how to deal with the employee in this situation. 

How to Build an Effective Team
(Spanish) (15 min.)
Cooperation, team effort, morale, spirit are the things that make up an effective and aggressive team in the workplace. Team building skills are discussed in this video, and targets influences supervisors have on their employees. 


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