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HAZWOPER Training Programs

Hazwoper: Orientation
(English & Spanish) (16 min.)
Introduction to the basics of HAZWOPER requirements, laws, and regulations. Provides minimum emergency plan requirements and identifies regulations applicable to HAZWOPER. Excellent program to introduce or refresh personnel in HAZWOPER responsibilities.

Hazwoper: Identifying Hazardous Materials
(English and Spanish) (13 min.)
Required training for emergency responders. Designed to lay the groundwork for a variety of HAZWOPER skills, including the definitions of TLV, TWA, TLV-C, methods of exposure, dusts, fumes, gases, compressed gas cylinders, and more. Can be used to train personnel in HAZWOPER or general safety relating to hazardous waste and chemicals. 

Hazwoper: Medical Surveillance Program
(English and Spanish) (13 min.)
Excellent program to train employees in requirements of a medical program for HAZWOPER, medical examinations, record keeping, and necessary information to meet the training requirements or annual refresher training or initial HAZWOPER training requirements. 

Hazwoper: On-Site Safety Considerations
(English and Spanish) (12:39 min.)
Program explains various types of hazards that can be encountered in HAZWOPER operations. Meets basic requirements of annual refresher training and basic safety training of lockout/tagout, confined space entry, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, and most common physical hazards prevalent in HAZWOPER operations. Reinforces then HAZWOPER plan requirements, and more.

Hazwoper: Chemical Protective Clothing
(English and Spanish) (10 min.)
Designed to explain various types of chemical protective clothing requirements, various limitations of protective clothing and information relating to one of the most important aspects of HAZWOPER training. Reviews potential heat stress related to wearing chemical protective clothing.

Hazwoper: Respiratory Protection & Use
(English and Spanish) (20:25 min.) 
Basic training requirements for selecting, wearing, using, storing, and handling respirators. Illustrates various types of respirators and how to use them. Fit testing respirator requirements are reviewed and demonstration of how to properly fit test respirators.

Hazwoper: Donning / Doffing / Decontamination
(English and Spanish) (14 min.)
Designed to meet training requirements of subject title. Describes how to don chemical protective clothing, how to properly remove it, and decontamination procedures. Includes actual HAZWOPER footage of proper decontamination from real life situations.

Hazwoper: Site Safety & Health Plan
(English and Spanish) (14:30 min.)
Overview of general safety and health plan requirements, emergencies incident characterization, remedial actions, and site safety plan creation. Explains site control issues, routine operations, on-site emergencies, medical care, evacuation procedures, and more. Emphasizes employer responsibilities and the importance of testing the plan.


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