Trucking & Distribution Industry Safety

Trucking Industry Hazard Communications
(English) (9 min.)
Required by OSHA for training all employees in chemicals/hazardous materials used in the workplace. Explains material safety data sheets, labeling, and basic safety when using these materials.

Lifting Safely in the Distribution Terminal
(English) (9 min.)
The variety of lifting tasks in the distribution industry require specific techniques to be accomplished safely. Provides an in-depth look at proper lifting techniques under difficult conditions, and hazards resulting from incorrect methods. It is definitely a must see program for employees before an accident occurs. Good for retraining employees who experienced a back injury.

Trucking Industry Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection
(English) (8 min.)
This is an excellent refresher for drivers on what to inspect on the rig before beginning a haul. Explains fifth wheel, king pin, O-ring, and other inspections required before operating the vehicle.

Department of Transportation Drug Training
(English) (60 min.)
One hour program designed to meet the DOT requirement for training truckers in substance abuse and drug testing programs.

Safe Operations of Motor Vehicles
(English & Spanish) (17 min.)
An awareness program for drivers. California Highway Patrol provides assistance in showing a drunk driving arrest, court appearance, community service, and more. High impact for anyone operating an auto, light truck, or other on-the-road vehicle.

Fleet Mechanic Safety & Hazardous Materials
(English) (17 min.)
Awareness program for fleet mechanics exposed to hazardous materials in their jobs.

Fleet Shop Safety
(English & Spanish) (10 min.)
Safety orientation program for mechanics and persons working in automotive / fleet maintenance facilities.

The Consequences of Driving a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence
(English) (11 min.)
Designed to graphically demonstrate the consequences of driving under the influence. A drunk driver is pulled over, given a sobriety field test, taken to jail and then appears before a judge for sentencing. Excellent program to make people aware of their driving responsibilities. Portions of the video shot on location with actual Highway Patrol officers and police.

Loading & Unloading Trailers
(English) (12 min.)
Instructs individuals who load and unload trailers. Covers safe lifting, safety precautions when driving on or off the trailer with lift equipment, and more.


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