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Custodial and Janitorial

Safety Orientation & Accident Prevention
(English & Spanish) (12 min.)
Meets OSHA training requirements for exposure to general hazards. Basic safety information suitable for training new and experienced employees.

Hazard Communications for Janitors / Custodians
(English & Spanish) (9 min.)
Meets OSHA training requirements. Explains MSDS, labeling requirements, chemical safety, and accident prevention when using hazardous materials and chemicals in this industry. 

Bacteria & Disease Control
(English & Spanish) (9 min.)
A must see program for anyone in this industry. Explains basic sanitation, cleanliness, how bacteria can be harmful, and prevention. Excellent for all janitors/custodians.

Care of Supplies, Chemicals, and Equipment
(English & Spanish) (13 min.)
Aimed at training janitors/custodians in proper care and treatment of expensive equipment, and how to conserve supplies and chemicals. Savings can be realized and work accomplished in a productive manner when employees are properly trained and motivated to take care of equipment and materials. 

Floor Cleaning Tips
(English & Spanish) (13 min.)
Everyone does not know how to clean floors. Program designed to improve appearance and floor safety regardless of the type of floor. Saves time, money, and effort.

OSHA’s New Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout / Tagout)
(English & Spanish) (10 min.)
Meets OSHA’s training requirements for affected and authorized employees. Extremely helpful in training employees working with or around any type of machinery and equipment. 

Sanitation & Cleanliness in Food Service Establishments
(English & Spanish) (12 min.)
Explains sanitation and cleaning procedures, safety, and necessary information to improve cleaning and sanitizing in food service areas. 

Cleaning / Polishing Floors Without Slips & Falls
(English & Spanish) (16 min.)
Designed to improve floor surface appearance and reducing the possibility of slips and falls. Slips and falls are costly accidents. This video trains janitors/custodians how to reduce the effects of slips and falls. 

Accident Causes & Prevention
(English & Spanish) (12 min.)
Most accidents and injuries are caused by unsafe acts. This program describes unsafe acts / behavior and how employees can take responsibility for their actions and reduce accidents and injuries. 

Electrical Safety for Janitors / Custodians
(English & Spanish) (12 min.)
Individuals working in this industry are exposed to electricity. Electrical equipment, water, and chemicals are the ingredients of a serious injury or fatality. This program explains electrical safety and how employees can reduce the risk of injury. 


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