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Restaurant and Cafeteria Safety

Employee Safety Orientation
(English or Spanish)
Meets OSHA requirements. Excellent for new and experienced employees. Trains employees in exposure to "general hazards." Includes basic safety, machinery, electrical safety, back injury prevention, slips and falls, cuts, burns, and employee safety responsibility. 

Kitchen Safety
(English orSpanish) (13 min.)
A "must see" for employees working with knives, cooking utensils, slicers, cutters, and other kitchen equipment. Demonstrates proper use and safety procedures of kitchen equipment, as well as accident prevention. 

Restaurants Sanitation & Personal Hygiene
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Emphasizes personal hygiene, cleanliness, pest rodent, and bacteria control, and food temperature requirements. Covers general restaurant health and cleanliness procedures, food storage, FIFO, and food sanitation practices.

How to Reduce Unsafe Acts
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Ninety percent of all restaurant accidents are the result of unsafe behavior by employees. Program explains unsafe acts and how to eliminate them. Geared for both management and employees.

Restaurant Hazard Communications - Right to Know
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Meets OSHA/EPA standards for hazard communications. Deals with hazardous materials in the restaurant environment, chemical labels, and material safety data sheets. 

Bus Persons, Dishwashers, & Janitor Safety
(English or Spanish) (14 min.)
Designed specifically for the subject workers. Includes cuts, burns, slips/falls, lifting safely, and procedures to reduce accidents and injuries.

Robbery & Employee Theft
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Deals with restaurant security procedures, robbery prevention, how to handle a robbery, and facts about employee theft. Also covers employee theft deterrents, preventive measures, and straightforward talk about employee theft in restaurants.

Restaurant Accident Investigation
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
Program for supervisors and managers. This video explains accident investigations, what to look for in an investigation, witness statements, and fact-finding process. 

Customer Accidents/Third Party Liability
(English) (11 min.)
Designed for supervisors and managers to help reduce liability. Includes exposure due to slips/falls, food illnesses, foreign material in food, third party liability investigation and reporting, and more. Trains supervisors and managers in handling customer claims/procedures. Can be viewed by all employees who provide customer service. 

Back Injury Prevention
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Two of the major causes of employee injuries are discussed to provide knowledge and training in prevention. Excellent program for management and employees.

Back Injury Prevention
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
This program is an excellent cource for training new or experienced handlers in proper asnitation and Hygiene procedures. Video covers bacteria, micro-organisms, proper food temperature, handling raw foods, cross contamination, food storage, chemicals, cleaning/sanitizing procedure, acidity reactions with metal cans, insect/rodent control and personal hygiene. Great graphics and animations to stress important topics.


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