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Solid Waste Management

Work Standards And Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Provides new employees with a serious statement of accepted industry standards on tardiness, absenteeism, safety and general work rules.

Employee Safety Orientation
(English) (12 min.)
Critical for new employees but effective for experienced workers. Meets OSHA training in the "general hazards to which exposed." Proper clothing, personal protective equipment, fire protection, mechanical and electrical safety, and more.

Hazard Communications – Right To Know
(English) (10 min.)
This program meets the legal requirements for training in the use of petroleum products, diesel fuel, office chemicals, paint, and material safety data sheets. 

Preventing Back Injuries
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
Residential pick-up, maintenance personnel, office employees, drivers, and landfill operators are potential victims of back injuries. This program provides tips on safe lifting and is an excellent way to enhance your "hands-on" training. 

Human Behavior – Reducing Unsafe Acts
(English) (11 min.)
This program defines an unsafe act, accident causes and counseling. Good program for both employees and supervisors. Implementation of this information will reduce accidents significantly.

Forklift Safety
(English orSpanish) (15 min.)
This is one of the few forklift training programs that meets OSHA requirements. It explains the engineering principles, safe operating rules, and operator maintenance. 

Supervisor's Guide To Accident Reporting
(English) (12 min.)
This program explains how to complete injury reports – how to get the most from the report and the human relations skills involved with employee accident reports.

Acid Battery Safety & Jump Starting
(English) (13 min.)
Designed for drivers, shop personnel, and off-the-job use or handling of batteries. Explains how batteries are constructed, types of batteries, safety, and how to jump start batteries safely. 

On The Road Safety
(English) (12 min.)
Great program for the waste hauler. Topics include safe driving formula, four second rule explained and demonstrated, vehicle driver maintenance inspection, railroad crossings, school zones/children, stopping distances and speed. 

Vehicle Backing Accident Prevention & Child Safety
(English) (10 min.)
Explains the common causes and solution to vehicle backing accidents. Covers using helpers as spotters, backing without spotters, mirrors, zone of non-visibility, spotter signals, residential backing, and more. 

Route Safety & Safe Driving Techniques
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
This video covers route hazards and liability exposures, container hazards, overhead clearances, maneuvering in tight spaces, reporting hazards and damage, overloaded containers, unauthorized hazards, waste container accessibility, landfill driver and helper safety, dumping the load, inspecting the vehicle at landfill, and more.

Disabled Vehicle, Accident Procedures & Truck Fires
(English) (16 min.)
What to do with a disabled vehicle, reporting accidents, accident scene procedures, emergency procedures, vehicle fires and hot loads, procedures for handling hazardous waste.

Front-End Loader Operations & Safety
(English) (13 min.)
Basic operating procedures and techniques for front-end loaders and helpers. Includes dumping procedures, hoppers, landfill dumping and general safe operating procedures when using this equipment.

Roll-Off Operations & Safety
(English) (15 min.)
Loading container, cable type hoist, unloading container, dumping container, trapping the container, container spotting, compactor containers, and general safety operating techniques using this equipment.

Side Loader Operations & Safety
(English) (11 min.)
Operation of the side loader, dumping loads, special hazards and emphasis on safe lifting. General safety operating techniques using this type of equipment.

Rear Loader Operations & Safety
(English) (11 min.)
Truck operations, helpers, loading the truck, can sites, improper can sites, container blockages, landfill safety, dumping, and residential safety.

Residential Pick-Up Driving & Helpers
(English) (13 min.)
Driver safety, vehicle safety, safe driving procedures, riding on vehicles, trash pick-up, personal protection, customer relations, slips and falls, backdoor pick-ups, hazardous wastes, loading, dumping, and using equipment, landfill safety for drivers and helpers.

Dog Bite Prevention
(English) (10 min.)
Program directed at mail carriers and meter readers, but also applicable for solid waste employees.

5 Keys – Safe Driving – Smith System
(English) (12 min.)
An excellent program designed to illustrate safe driving techniques. Covers the five keys to safe driving using the "Smith System." A must sees for any employee who operates trucks or vehicles on the road.

Hazard Communications For The Solid Waste Industry
(English) (16 min.)
Demonstrates differences and similarities between household chemicals and solid waste industry chemicals. These chemicals include landfill gas, leachates, and condensates. Discusses in detail the purpose and scope of MSDS sheets. Explores procedures employees can take to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals or materials.


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