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Hospitality / Hotel & Motel

Employee Safety Orientation
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
All employees must be made aware of exposure to "general hazards." Includes basic requirements, electrical, mechanical, back injury prevention, fire protection, personal equipment, and more.

Hazard Communications
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Chemical and hazardous materials used in the workplace are described in this program. Material safety data sheets, labeling, and basic safety are covered. 

Reducing Unsafe Acts
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by unsafe acts of employees. The emphasis for accident reduction should be on reducing unsafe acts by employees.

Sanitation/Hygiene for Food Service Employees
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Employees working in food and/or beverage services must have adequate training in sanitation, bacteria growth, temperature controls, personal hygiene, food handling, and insect / rodent control. 

Housekeeping Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Instructs the housekeeping employee in specific safety hazards. Included are cleaning techniques, chemical use, back injury prevention, and more. 

Back Injury Prevention - Lifting Safely
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Addresses lifting hazards and demonstrates how to lift safely. Specific techniques are required in the wide variety of lifting tasks in the hotel/motel industry. 

Maintenance Person Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Meets OSHA training requirements and is designed especially for the hotel / motel worker who faces many hazards when performing various tasks. 

Kitchen Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Addresses food preparation equipment, cleaning equipment, chemicals, knives, food slicers, electrical safety, floors, and more. 

Fire Extinguishers & Operation
(English or Spanish) (14 min.)
Illustrates the use of fire extinguishers, classes of fire, PASS, and important information for training persons on fire extinguisher basics, and improving fire prevention awareness. 

Ladder Safety
(English) (7 min.)
This short program covers the safe use of stepladders, straight ladders, and general safety measures. 

Lockout/Tagout - Control of Hazardous Energy Sources
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
Great tool for training "affected" and "authorized" employees in lockout / tagout procedures. This includes workers in kitchens, laundry rooms, and maintenance. 

Casino Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Provides training on electrical machinery hazards, but focuses on proper safe lifting of heavy money pails/bags, cart safety, and general safety essential to reduce accidents and injuries in casinos. 

Manual & Electric Cart Safety
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
For individuals using a variety of carts during the course of their job duties. Includes electric scooters, pallet jacks, manual push carts, and others. Provides information on proper maintenance procedures. 

Knife Safety
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
For anyone using knives on the job, this film describes proper personal protective equipment, "how to" information on storing, cleaning, and handling knives. 

Bomb Threat Procedures
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Trains all employees on bomb threats, emergency action procedures, what to look for, actions employees and management can take to reduce the impact of real or fake bomb threats. Each facility's emergency evacuation procedures will complement this training. 

High Rise Evacuation
(English orSpanish) (12 min.)
Explains the essentials of evacuations, precautions to take, and what to do in case of an emergency. Although designed for large hotels and multi-level buildings, it can be adapted to any size facility. 

Laundry Room Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
There are many safety considerations in a laundry facility such as machine guarding, safe lifting, heat related concerns, and others. Provides laundry workers with a basic overview of their safety responsibilities. 

Fire Prevention
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Covers the basics of general fire prevention, conditions and requirements specific to the hospitality industry. 

Reducing Third - Party Liability
(English) (12 min.)
Customer accidents can be very costly. This film reviews the proper procedures to take in this type of situation and preventing third party liability. An excellent program for individuals working in the customer service area.

Valet Safety
(English) (14 min.)
This film provides safe driving procedures and other safety information for valets. Proper lifting luggage, customer service, guest property protection, and safe driving are featured.
Hospitality/Customer Service
(English) (10 min.)
This program provides a fresh approach to quality customer service in the hospitality industry. This film is appropriate for all employees in this industry.
Safe Travel
(English) (12 min.)
Excellent program for anyone traveling on business or pleasure. Promotes safety and security for travelers and directed primarily for hotel security and safety.

Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens
(English) (17 min.)
Meets training requirements for persons working in hotel/motel/restaurant and service industries. Designed for workers indentified as first-aid/CPR providers or whose jobs may expose them to blood or blood-contaminated fluids, linens or clothing. Explains how to reduce exposure to HIV/HBW BBP for employees in this industry.


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