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Miscellaneous Safety

How to Prevent Slips & Falls
(English orSpanish) (13 min.)
Designed to promote awareness in preventing slips and falls. Covers potential hazards, importance of proper maintenance and cleaning procedures, and many other aspects of slips and falls prevention. Focus is on engineering, education, and enforcement.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Describes carpal tunnel syndrome, how to prevent CTS, and what employees can do to reduce the effects of CTS. 

Earthquake Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Earthquakes can occur anywhere, not just in California. This video explains emergency preparedness in dealing with earthquakes. 

Heat Stress (Humorous Program)
(English) (17 min.)
This is the same program as 1007I only with added humor to make the program more interesting. 

Heat Stress (Non - Humorous)
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
More illnesses are surfacing from employees working in abnormally high temperatures, such as in a hot warehouse or warm assembly environment. This video discusses heat stroke, heat stress, fainting, and precautions to take when working in a hot environment.

Drug Testing in the Workplace
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
This program is designed for companies now using or considering drug testing. Explains the necessity for testing/screening, general drug policies, and how tests are conducted. Emphasizes lab efforts to protect employee rights and how tests are conducted to reduce the possibility of mixing specimens and giving false results. Excellent program for introducing a drug abuse program to employees. 

Hand and Wrist Injuries
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Demonstrates general prevention techniques to help reduce hand and wrist injuries. Explains the anatomy of the hand and wrist. 

Alcoholism in the Workplace
(English or Spanish) (8 min.)
This is an awareness only program designed for all employees. Explains signs of alcoholism and recognizing the symptoms.

Sanitation for Cafeteria & Food Service Areas
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Designed for companies who have an in-plant cafeteria or food service area. Stresses cleanliness, personal hygiene, and provides training in important areas of bacteria and insect/rodent control, temperatures, and more. 

Stress Relief
(English) (7 min.)
This is a short program targeted for employees in the workplace. Designed to help people who perceive stressful situations to better cope with this illness or perceived illness.

Safe Operations of Motor Vehicles
(English or Spanish) (17 min.)
Explains basics of highway laws and safety. California Highway Patrol provides assistance in showing a drunk driving arrest, court appearance, and community service. High impact for anyone operating an auto or light truck. Shows usage of toll booths. . 

Basic Electrical Safety in the Workplace
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Program designed to make employees aware of basic electrical safety in the workplace. Review of safety requirements on plugs, cords, cables, disconnect switches, hand/power safety, and other electrical safety equipment.

Consequences of Driving a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence
(English) (10 min.)
Graphically demonstrates the consequences of driving under the influence. Demonstrates a drunk driver being pulled over, given a sobriety field test, taken to jail, and then appearing before a judge for sentencing. Will make people more aware of their driving responsibilities. Portions of this video taped on location with highway patrol officers, police and judge.

Safety is Your Responsibility
(English or Spanish) (14 min.)
Supplements training in exposure to general hazards. Explains safety basics such as clothing, jewelry hazards, personal protection, machine guarding, electrical safety, safe lifting, fire protection, and more. Can be used as an employee orientation program.

Job Safety Analysis
(English) (11 min.)
Program explains what job safety analysis is all about and how to conduct a job safety analysis. 

The Training Instructor
(English) (12 min.)
Teaches supervisors and training instructors how to develop a lesson outline, make a presentation, proper documentation of safety training efforts, and more.

Housekeeping in Manufacturing
(English) (10 min.)
An important aspect of safety is housekeeping. Emphasizes everyone's cooperation and effort in keeping their workplaces clean, orderly, and safe. 

Accidents- "It Can't Happen to Me"
(English) (10 min.)
Contains realistic pictures of persons injured in the workplace. Very graphic and vivid pictures of injured persons. Designed to have an impact on employees with regard to the importance of safety. A warning should be given to the audience that the film includes graphic pictures of injuries.

Environment & Your Responsibility
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Stimulates audiences to care more about the environment at work and at home. Stresses personal responsibility for housekeeping, clean environment, following company procedures relating to properly disposing of hazardous materials/chemicals, and more. 

Emergency Preparedness at Home
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
This program is designed to explain how to prepare for emergencies in the home. Earthquake, tornado, hurricanes, and other emergencies. Excellent for industrial training as this type of training is useful in the home and for family members. 

Emergency Preparedness at Work
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
This program explains how to prepare for emergencies at work such as, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other emergencies. Training to reduce property damage and prevent injuries during emergencies. 

Killer Bees/Wasps/Spiders
(English) (37 min.)
Aimed at training supervisors and employees about the hazards of killer bees, wasps, and spiders. Covers avoiding this hazard and first aid procedures in the event of a sting or bite. 

Killer Bees 
(English) (12 min.)
This is a modification of 1026I that explains the basics of killer bees and first aid treatment.

Golf Course Maintenance Safety
(English or Spanish) (14 min.)
Aimed at improving golf course maintenance safety program and assist in meeting OSHA requirements. 

(English or Spanish) (7 min.)
This programs describes various ways to improve your workplace and become "user friendly." 

Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods 
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods are a threat that everyone should be prepared for. This program is an excellent guide on what steps to take so that you and your employees are prepared both at work and at home.

Employee Involvement in Ergonomics 
(English) (16 min.)
This program offers a basic overview of ergonomics and how employees can become involved in the process of making the workplace more user friendly. Covered are some of the different products available, how they are used, and more. 

First Aid
(English or Spanish) (60 min.)

High Impact
(English) (12 min.)
Shows graphic pictures of industrial injuries in order to demonstrate to employees the consequences of unsafe behavior. Realistic accidents were used in this production. Audience should be warned about the graphic scenes. 

Winter Driving Safety
(English or Spanish) (26 min.)
This program was developed with a group of international experts. The film covers types of winter driving hazards with footage in real winter conditions around the country. Informs the viewer on recognizing hazards and avoiding accidents. This is an excellent film for those having to drive in winter conditions.

Preventing Hypothermia 
(English) (12 min.)
Hypothermia can be a serious health problem. This film covers all aspects of prevention and treatment. 

CPR 2000 
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
This new release covers all aspects of symptoms of a heart attack, immediate action to be taken by responder, emergency considerations. Explains infant/child and adult CPR. Covers the new defibrillator equipment requirements. This program can be used by instructors for teaching CPR. This is a hot new topic
High Impact II 
(English) (11 min.)
Medical Healthcare Hazard Communication
(English) (16 min.)

Ladder Safety 
(English or Spanish) (Eng 7min. Spn 9min))
Supervisor Responsibilities In Injury Claims
(English) (15 min.)
Cause And Avoidance Of Accidents
(English) (15 min.)

Fall Protection 
(English) (21 min.)


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