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Personal Protection

Respirators And How To Use Them
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Employees frequently misunderstand the use of respirators. This program will give them the important facts regarding respirator use. They will feel more secure in wearing thence they know how to properly use them.

Fit Testing Respirators
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Explains the need and proper procedures for testing, maintaining, and using respiratory equipment.
Eye Protection - A New Approach (Humorous Program)
(English) (16 min.)
This program explains eye protection requirements in a humorous manner. You will find your employees respond well to this entertaining and informative video.

Eye Protection – A New Approach (Non Humorous Program)
(English or Spanish) (11 min.) 
This is the same program as 1003B, but in a more serious presentation. 
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
(English) (13 min.)
Defines carbon monoxide poisoning and how to reduce the effects of this health hazard. Almost every industry is exposed, but very little attention is given to its effects. An excellent awareness program. 

Personal Protective Equipment 
(English or Spanish) (9 min.) 
Emphasizes the importance of using personal protection when required. Addresses hard hats, gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, and other aspects of protective equipment. 

Bloodborne Pathogens In The Workplace
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
This is an information/training video for employees who are not normally exposed to blood or body fluids. It provides improvement precautionary information. 
Respiratory Protection Program
(English) (13 min.)
This video explains the general requirements for an effective respiratory protection program. Covers written plan, use, care, cleaning, and storing of respirators, and provides information on self-contained breathing apparatus respiratory protection.
Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens
(English) (18 min.)
Developed to meet training requirements for employees who reasonably anticipate exposure to blood or body fluids on the job. This applies to anyone who is trained in first aid and/or CPR. 
Emergency Responders – Bloodborne Pathogens (Paramedics) 
(English) (19 min.)
Designed for paramedics, EMTs, fire, police, correctional officers, first aid/CPR, and other emergency personnel who might be exposed to blood and other potential hazards relating to BBP. Meets training requirements for Categories I and II employees who anticipate becoming occupationally exposed to blood and blood contaminated products. 

Hearing Conservation 
(English or Spanish) (11 min.) 
Heightens awareness of hearing conservation in the workplace. Explains the anatomy of the ear, how noise can cause hearing loss, and how to prevent hearing loss.

Controlling Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens (Manufacturing) 
(English or Spanish) (16 min.)
Meets training requirements for employees in a manufacturing facility who aredesignated as first aid/CPR trained or may be occupationally exposed, such as janitorial employees. 

Controlling Exposures To Bloodborne Pathogens (Hotel/Motel)
(English or Spanish) (17 min.)
Meets training requirements for persons working in hotel/motel/restaurant and service industries. Designed for workers identified as first aid/CPR providers or whose jobs may expose them to blood or blood contaminated body fluids, linens or clothing. Explains how to reduce exposure to HIV/HBV BBP for employees in this industry.

Bloodborne Pathogens 2000
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
Designed for all audiences and can be used to train anyone who is required to provide first aid or CPR. This program was produced with the cooperation of OSHA and Center for Disease Control. Topics include HIV, HCV, and Hepatitis B, transmission methods, and personal protection. 

Respirators: The New Rules/Overview
(English or Spanish) (21 min.)
This program provides an overview of the new respirator standards. It includes fit testing, maintenance inspection, filtering face pieces, dust masks, and more. This program contains the necessary information you need to comply with this new standard.

Respirator Selection & Use
(English or Spanish) (23 min.)
The program covers up-to-date information on the proper procedure for selecting respirators for a particular hazard. Proper fitting procedures are outlined. Explains respirator capabilities and limitations, emergency situations, inspection, seal checks, exposure symptoms, and more.

Respirators – Fit Testing – NIOSH Standards 
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
This program covers the requirements under NIOSH Standards for quantitative and qualitative fit testing procedures. Meet requirements for training employees in proper fit testing procedures. 

Respirators – SCBA Requirement 
(English or Spanish) (15 min.) 
This program covers the procedures and requirements for using and selecting proper SCBA and air supplied respirators. 


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