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Material Handling / Forklifts

Forklift Operator Training 
(English or Spanish) (16 min.)
A comprehensive program for forklift operators in the manufacturing environment. Teaches students engineering principles, operator safety rules, and maintenance. Excellent training program.

Forklift Instructor Training - A New Approach
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
Three short programs in one - engineering principles, OSHA operating rules, and equipment maintenance for instructors to concentrate on each subject. Written materials available.


Forklifts & Pedestrian Safety
(English) (6 min.)
Designed for non-forklift operators. Covers basic forklift operating rules, how to co-exist in the workplace with forklift operations. Good program for non-operators in warehouse, distribution, settings. 


"You're the One"
(English) (12 min.)
This video was produced in a humorous fashion to gain attention on the importance of safety, but the facts are well established. If you use humor in your presentations, this video is excellent. 


Supervisors & Forklift Training
(English) (24 min.)
This video was produced in a humorous fashion and directed at forklift supervisors. It deals with conscientious supervision, and how to develop an effective forklift training program. 


Forklift Mechanic Safety & Hazardous Materials 
(English) (17 min.)
Forklift mechanics are exposed to a variety of hazardous materials. This video makes them aware of the hazards and how to avoid exposures. 


Safety of People & Equipment in Warehouse Operations
(English) (10 min.)
This program highlights the relationship of forklift operators and other workers for their equal responsibility in providing a safe environment. Stresses the responsibility of safety for every employee, not just equipment operators. 

Walkie Stacker Safety 
(English or Spanish) (8 min.)
This video was taped in a supermarket warehouse setting, however it can apply to any warehouse operation using electric pallet jacks. Demonstrates operator safety and maintenance procedures. 

Safe Handling of Wood Pallets
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
Demonstrates proper method of handling wood pallets by warehouse persons. Includes proper stacking, storage, safe lifting, and more.

Battery Charging Safety
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
This important program addresses safety precautions in handling batteries on forklifts and powered pallet jacks. Examines personal protective equipment use and general safety rules to follow when engaging in electric battery charging operations. 

Propane Safety 
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Safety procedures, personal protection equipment, fire prevention when refueling, and more are reviewed in this film. Handling, storing and refueling portable propane cylinders are examined. 

Order Stacker Safety
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
This program explains proper safety procedures for operating and maintaining powered pallet jacks. Topics include operator safety rules, daily maintenance procedures, and general safety procedures. Also used to train manual pallet jack operators.

Electric Pallet Jack
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Examines proper safety procedures for operating and maintaining powered pallet jacks. Topics include operator safety rules, daily maintenance procedures, and general safety procedures when operating this equipment. Also used to train manual pallet jack operators. 


OSHA Regulations
(English) (18 min.)
This program was developed to teach forklift operators about OSHA regulations and requirements relating to forklift operators.


Aerial Lift Safety
(English) (10 min.)
Demonstrates proper donning procedures for body harnesses. Discusses the importance of regular equipment inspection, as well as other safety issues related to the use of aerial lifts.


Forking Around
(English) (10 min.)
From our "what's wrong with this picture" series, students are asked to identify the safety hazards in video clips. The clips are played back with narration and graphics depicting the errors. (This program is mildly humorous).


Forklift Training - New Requirements
(English) (15 min.) 
This program is designed to meet the new training requirements for forklift operators. Revised and updated to meet new requirements for operators, supervisors, and trainers.


What's Wrong With This Picture / Forking Around II
(English) (10 min.)
Fresh approach to video based forklift safety training. Students are asked to identify safety hazards in scenes from video clips. The segments are repeated with narration and graphics explaining what hazards or unsafe acts exist. This method utilizes employee participation to make the training more interesting. 


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