All Titles $99.99 Unless Marked Differently

Hazard Communications
(English) (11 Min.)
Excellent program designed to promote a safe work environment through thorough and effective hazardous materials training, including personal protection equipment and general safety precautions necessary to prevent injury from chemicals. Explains MSDS and labeling.
Radio Communications
(English) (12 Min.)
"All new" program designed to help employees become familiar with the role and usage of radio in transportation. Covers all aspects of radios, including safety precautions. 
Slips, Trips & Falls
(English) (7 Min.)
This program was designed to prevent and eliminate slips and falls in order to ensure proper safety in the transportation industry. Covers attentiveness to surroundings and promotes a safe working environment. 
Safe Lifting/Loading/Transferring Handicapped Passengers
(English) (20 Min.) Modules 1, 2, 3 
Excellent training program designed to help employees perform proper lifting in order to prevent hack injury. Includes preventative safety measures, body mechanics and proper wheelchair lifting, bending and securement. 
Pre trip inspection - Small Vehicles
(English) (13 Min.)
Program covering all aspects of pre trip inspections, including preventative maintenance, brake tests, common hazards and more. 
Pre trip inspection -Large Vehicles
(English) (12 Min.)
"All new" program demonstrates all aspects of performing proper pre trip inspections, including common hazards, preventative maintenance, checklists and much more.
DOT "Out of Service" Criteria for Large Vehicles 
(English) (19 Min.)
"All new" program designed to train service and management personnel, as well as truck drivers, what procedure is used to determine the Dept. of Transportation criteria for out of service. 
Route Observations Designed for Waste Vehicles
(English or Spanish) (16 Min.)
"All new" program developed for a large trash hauling vehicle, to train vehicle operations in the potential hazards during routine operations. Covers overhead wires, backing up, tight spaces, children and pedestrians. Can he used to train vehicle operators in potential hazards associated with large vehicles. 
Vehicle Lockout-Tagout Procedures
(English or Spanish) (16 Min.)
Designed for "authorized" and "affected" employee training on control of hazardous energy sources when servicing or working near vehicles being serviced. Best program on the market for this subject.
Vehicle Inspection -Large Vehicles
(English or Spanish) (20 Min.)
Excellent training program to train large vehicle drivers how to inspect the vehicle before, during and after the shift, operational checks required, and to help maintain large vehicles in serviceable condition.


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