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Human Resources / Leadership (English)
Understanding People
(English) (24 min.)
Each supervisor and employee has different wants, needs, motivations, personalities, and work habits. Understanding more about people and how to interact or reach employees is the key factor in developing effective leadership skills. This program touches on Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Hawthorne studies, and other management theories. Supervisors can determine which theory best suit their needs to develop a unique style of leadership, blending their personality, education, and experience. 
Supervisor Responsibility
(English) (19 min.)
Supervisors have a general understanding of their job and responsibilities, but this program is more specific, and it explains how to accept accountability for their actions. There is more than being "put in charge."
Employee Training Responsibilities
(English) (21 min.)
The main focus of this program is preparation for training employees, follow-up training, and types of training most effective in the work environment. Emphasis on the need for supervisor participation in the training process. Each subject focuses on maximum efficiency to save time, effort, and money.
Discipline – The Supervisor's Role
(English) (23 min.)
This program defines discipline, how to achieve it, handling counseling and documentation, as well as how to avoid disciplinary actions. Discipline is the least understood leadership skill.
Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
(English) (12 min.)
This program explains how to deal with the sexual harassment issue and offers tips in avoiding and eliminating sexual harassment without infringing on your current policies. Program is directed at employee-employee relationships, but also covers supervisor-employee relations.
Performance Reviews
(English) (17 min.)
Evaluating an employee's performance is vital feedback and good communications. This video emphasizes the supervisor's responsibility in evaluating employee performance. 
(English) (16 min.)
This program explains the concepts, methods, and follow-up necessary by the supervisor to achieve company goals in reducing absenteeism and tardiness.
Recognizing Chemical Dependency & What To Do About It
(English) (21 min.)
Emphasizes symptom recognition, evaluation, and how to handle employees whose work behavior is below performance standards due to substance abuse. This program is designed to interface with any company's existing policy on drug/alcohol abuse in the workplace. 
(English) (21 min.)
Emphasis on developing effective communications between management and employees. Explains two-way communication, feedback, openness, honesty with employees, and how to gain respect of employees.
Hiring & Firing
(English) (19 min.)
Leadership skills and understanding how to properly implement hiring and firing procedures is critical to any organization. If a supervisor does not have the authority to hire and fire, they are still involved in the process.
How To Build An Effective Team
(English) (12 min.)
Cooperation, team effort, morale, spirit are the things that make up an effective and aggressive team in the workplace. Team building skills are discussed in this video, and targets influences supervisors have on their employees. 
The Troubled Employee At Work
(English) (17 min.)
Behavior, poor performance, accidents and injuries, attitude problems, can be directly attributed to employees with personal problems. This program looks at some symptoms and what supervisors can do to improve work performance and behavior. Supervisors have a responsibility to the company to have competent and effective employees. 
Time Management
(English) (20 min.)
This program explains how to recognize time loss, organizing the supervisor's time to gain the maximum return on investment. Good course on managing time. Specifically tailored for front line supervisors / lead persons. 
Safety & The Supervisor
(English) (20 min.)
The supervisor is responsible for safety in the work environment. This program explains a safety program, how the supervisor's actions and enforcement of rules are key factors in an effective program, and legal responsibilities of the supervisor. 
Stress Management For Supervisors & Employees
(English) (19 min.)
Addresses stress on the job and how to control and manage it. Recognizes stress symptoms, how it interferes with productivity, and how it can become a serious liability if not properly managed.
Setting The Example For Your Employees
(English) (11 min.)
Illustrates the concept of "setting the example." Raises the supervisor's consciousness about leadership by example and reaping the benefits by increasing productivity, morale, and cooperation among their employees.
Understanding Disabilities
(English) (21 min.)
Discusses people with mental or physical disabilities. Understanding some of the myths about abilities of people with disabilities can be a self-fulfilling experience which may carry over to improvement of people skills in the workplace and, certainly, in society as a whole. Valuable program for all managers, supervisors, and employees. Four of the seven musical savants are featured in this program. 
Sexual Harassment – What Employees Need To Know
(English) (8 min.)
Outlines the legal definition of sexual harassment. Provides employees with information regarding the recognition and reporting of sexual harassment.  $99.00
Sexual Harassment – What Your Managers Need To Know
(English) (10 min.)
Explains how managers should handle and respond to complaints and how to recognize potential sexual harassment in the workplace. A must for all managers.
Sexual Harassment – How To Properly Investigate A Complaint
(English) (10 min.)
This program provides information on how to conduct a proper and thorough investigation of a sexual harassment complaint. A handy guide for human resource managers or other personnel involved in investigation of sexual harassment.
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