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Heavy Manufacturing / Foundries
Safety Orientation for Foundry Operations
(English & Spanish) (12 Min.)
Most injuries occur to new employees or employees transferred to new tasks. This video meets OSHA requirements for training in general hazards as well as guarding, personal protection, accident reporting and more. 
Hazard Communication in Foundries 
(English & Spanish) (9 Min.)
Compliance with hazard communication standards requires specific training in chemicals and hazardous materials found in the workplace. This video details the use of material safety data sheets, labels, and chemical information. Meets academic requirements for Hazard Communications training. 
Sate Lifting in Foundry Operations
(English & Spanish) (10 Min.)
Back injuries are a major problem in most industries which could cost a business large amounts in both workers' compensation claims and lost productivity. This video explains the function of the back, lifting techniques and related demonstrations. Excellent training program to prevent back injuries. 
Eye Protection in Foundries
(English & Spanish) (14 Min.)
The potential for eye injury in foundries is high. This video details the requirements for eye protection as well as the types of protection available. A new approach for an age old problem.
Hearing Conservation
(English & Spanish) (14 Min.)
Getting employees to wear hearing protection can he a real chore. With all the sources of noise an employee encounters, they need to understand how to protect one of their most precious senses. This video explains the basics of hearing and how to protect it. 
Respirators and How to Use Them
(English & Spanish) (15 Min.)
Employees generally understand the proper use of respirators. They may have a general idea, hut this program will give them the important facts regarding the use of a respirator. Employees will also feel more secure in wearing them once they understand proper use. Meets academic requirements for training employees in respirators, selection and use.
Fit Testing Respirators 
(English & Spanish) (10 Min.)
To be effective, respirators must fit properly. This video explains the method of attaining a good fit as well as the types of protection available. Required training for anyone wearing a respirator.
Human Behavior - Reducing Unsafe Acts
(English & Spanish) (14 Min.)
The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused, in whole or in part, by the unsafe acts of employees. The major emphasis of this video is reducing unsafe acts through education. If implemented, this program will reduce accidents by at least 35%. 
Heat Stress
(English & Spanish) (11 Min.)
Employees working in foundries are frequently exposed to heat stress. Heat stress can slow production and it can be a medical emergency. This video identifies the signs, symptoms, and prevention of this potential killer. Excellent training program for anyone involved in foundries. 
Forklift Operator Safety 
(English & Spanish) (15 Min.)
Forklifts are common in heavy industry and foundries, however, anyone working on a forklift must he trained and authorized by the company. This video meets OSHA academic requirements for forklifts. It explains engineering principles, safety operating procedures and operator maintenance. Next, hands on training and documentation round out the certification process. 
Cranes, Chains. Slings & Hoists Safety
(English & Spanish) (12 Min.)
Lifting heavy items in foundries is a fact of life. So is the safe use of chains, slings and hoists. This video explains inspection, safety procedures, sling angles, hooks, and general rigging techniques. This training program is a best seller. 
Portable Grinders & Abrasive Wheel Safety
(English & Spanish) (13 Min.)
Grinders and abrasive wheels are common, yet can he very dangerous. This video explains safe use, proper safety procedures and maintenance of these tools.


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