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Machinery and Specific Hazards 
Health Factors in Welding Operations
(English) (28 min.)
Excellent program for welders. Explains a variety of precautions, possible health problems involved in welding operations, and tips on how to generally improve the employee's health. 
Cranes, Chains, Slings & Hoists Safety 
(English orSpanish) (12 min.)
Designed for anyone operating jib hoists or cranes. The program explains sling angles, safety techniques, inspection procedures, and more. Anyone operating this equipment must be trained. This programs meets OSHA training requirements. 
Machine Guarding & Conveyor Safety
(English) (12 min.)
Emphasizes machine guarding is not foolproof and requires employee responsibility when working with machinery and moving parts. The last segment of the program addresses safety concerns regarding employees who work with or near conveyor systems.
Maintenance Person Safety 
(English) (14 min.)
Designed for mechanics and maintenance persons, and explains some of the more important safety requirements of this trade. Covers electrical safety, machine guarding, and other required training subjects. 
Hand and Power Tool Safety
(English or Spanish) (13 min.)
Excellent program to help reduce injuries when using hand and power tools. Explains electrical safety, impact tools, wrenches, cheater bars, and miscellaneous safety when using hand and power tools. Emphasizes safety behavior and attitude.
Portable Grinders & Abrasive Wheels
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Grinders and abrasive wheels are common and dangerous tools. If improperly used, grinders can explode like hand grenades. This video explains safe use, procedures, and maintenance of grinders and abrasive wheels. 
Safe Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders
(English or Spanish) (8 min.)
Designed for anyone using compressed gas cylinders. Explains basic safety procedures, compressed gas cylinder hazards, and how to properly use these cylinders. 
Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
Explains how to handle cylinders, proper storage, and general safe handling procedures. 
Arc Welding Safety
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
An excellent review of ARC welding safety, safety hazards, and health hazards associated with this type of welding operation.
Gas Welding Safety
(English or Spanish) (14 min.)
When using fuel gas welding and cutting, safety is an integral part of any operation.  Program explains cylinder connections, valves, "cracking," and basic safety procedures when using fuel gas welding and cutting. 
Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Standard
(English) (12 min.)
 This program is designed to meet OSHA requirements for training authorized and non-authorized personnel in electrical hazards. Mandatory requirements for training employees not only working with electricity, but employees who operate electrical equipment. 
Cutting Torch Safety
(English) (10 min.)
Excellent program to increase safety awareness for anyone using or handling acetylene torches, specifically in cutting operations. Emphasizes valves, pressure gauges, hoses, cylinders, and cutting operation safety.
Hazard Material / Maintenance Department
(English) (27 min.)
Excellent program for anyone working in a repair shop, maintenance facility or other general maintenance area. Explains the safety basics for working with a variety of chemicals and hazardous materials, e.g., solvents, flammables, glues, gases, and other potentially hazardous materials.
Machine Guarding Responsibility
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
Emphasizes an individual's responsibility when working with machines and equipment.  Discusses control of hazardous energy source (lockout/tagout), machine guarding requirements, and personal responsibility when working around moving parts of machines.
Electrical Safety Overview
(English or Spanish) (9 min.)
Geared to all audiences on safety awareness. Covers basic safety rules when working with electrical equipment.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
Excellent program that discusses what GFCIs are all about. Explains how they work,and the general safety procedures for protecting against electrical shock.
Confined Space Entry
(English or Spanish) (12 min.)
Confined spaces are responsible for many deaths every year fue to lack of training. This video addresses the riskes and operational safety standards for confinec spaces commonly found in public works and construction such as testing, ventilation, and rescue procedures.
Confined Space Entry: The Silent Killers
(English or Spanish) (18 min.)
This training program provides an overview of the general types of hazards associated with confined spaces, basic atmospheric testing requirements and information relating to confind spaces. The major emphasis for this program is the ATTENDANT.
Fire Prevention: The Gory Story
(English ) (15 min.)
This new video is the most motivationg high impact video on the market. Fires are an everyday occurrence, but little attention is paid to fire prevention. This video will have a long term effect on employees relating to causes, prevention and emergency action. Guarenteed to improve your company's fire prevention effort. Extremely graphic scenes of burns and Fire injuries
Hand Injuries: The Gory Story
(English) (14 min.)
Another very graphic program relating to arm and hand injuries. This program is a true account of a maintence person who had his arm crushed by improper use of a crane, dropping a weight on his arm. Shows various stages of the injury, through surgery and finally, the end of treatment and back to work.


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