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Back Injury Prevention / Safe Lifting
Safe Lifting/ Back Injury Prevention
(English or Spanish) (9 min.) 
The variety of lifting tasks in the manufacturing industry require specific techniques under difficult conditions, and hazards resulting from incorrect methods. It is definitely a "must see" program for employees before an accident occurs. Good for retraining employees who experienced a back injury. 
Back Injury Prevention Through Exercise
(English) (7 min.) 
Excellent program for organizations implementing an "exercise before working" program for all employees. Explains back basics and why exercise is important before starting work. 
How To Control Back Pain
(English) (9 min.)
Great program for employees experiencing back pain from time to time. Program not designed to replace medical care or diagnoses, but for everyday back problems that most people suffer, usually not work related. Program can be used as a prevention measure in conjunction with your safe lifting and back health care programs. 
Accidents - "It Can't Happen To Me!"
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
This program shows how incidents occur and how they can be prevented. Interviews with people who have been involved in accidents, injuries or near misses. Includes survivor of MGM Grand Hotel fire.
Lifting Safely with Back Belts 

(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Program illustrates how to lift safely and use back support devices. This program isdesigned for companies using some type of back support or belt. Explains use of belts.
Better Back, Health, Life
(English) (11 min.)
Designed for home use for anyone wanting to improve back fitness. Francine York, actress and fitness "buff" interviews experts in back injury prevention and nutrition. Includes how to care for your back, back exercises that can be done at work, and a "workout" portion of exercises that can help anyone improve back fitness. Complements your company's back injury prevention program. 
Back Injury Responsibility
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Explains principles of the back, safe lifting techniques, 10:1 ratio, safe lifting zones, and more. One back injury prevention video is not enough – a variety of views on safe lifting are demonstrated.
System Lifting 2000/Back Injury Prevention

(English or Spanish) (34 min.)
System Lifting 2000/Back Injury Prevention

(English or Spanish) (14 min.)


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