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General Office Safety
Safety Orientation In Office Environments
(English) (14 min.)
Designed for office workers and focuses on the most common hazards and resulting injuries in an office. Discusses chairs, ladders, office equipment, video display terminals, safe lifting, fire prevention, and more. 
Video Display Terminal Safety
(English ) (11 min.)
Directed towards individuals using VDTs. Discusses the myths about electromagnetic radiation and other effects of VDT usage. VDTs are safe if properly used. Explains how to avoid eye strain and the persistent neck and backaches when working with VDTs.
Lifting Safely In Office Environments
(English) (9 min.)
Developed for office workers who need to be trained in safe lifting techniques. Explains how the back functions, and using proper lifting techniques.
Hazard Communications For Office Personnel
(English) (9 min.)
Oriented to the office environment, this video discusses basic hazard communications, and chemicals used in the office. 
Reducing Unsafe Acts Of Office Employees
(English) (10 min.)
Most incidents and injuries are the result of unsafe acts of employees. This program explains what unsafe acts (behavior) are and how to prevent the cause of most injuries. Explains safety counseling for those employees who commit unsafe acts/behavior.
Safety And The Supervisor
(English) (20 min.)
Supervisors are responsible for safety, not the company safety manager. Explains a safety program, how the supervisor's actions, enforcement of safety rules, and legal responsibilities are the key factors in an effective program.


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