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Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Fire Protection / Electrical Safety
(English) (9 min.)
Supplements OSHA requirements for emergency preparedness training and reinforces safety orientation training in fire protection and electrical safety.
Flammable Liquids Safety
(English) (9 min.)
Instruction for employees working with flammable liquids. Defines LEL, UEL, flash points, and other potential explosions by reducing static electricity when transferring flammable liquids.

Bonding & Grounding of Flammable Liquid
(English orSpanish) (9 min.)
Illustrates static electricity, bonding and grounding of flammable liquids, how to reduce the effects of potential explosions by reducing static electricity when transferring flammable liquid.

NFPA Hazardous Materials Labeling / I.D.
(English) (7 min.)
NFPA labeling and ID program defined and stresses the importance of understanding these signs and placards. Firefighters have used this program for their training.

Chemical Safety
(English or Spanish) (7 min.)
Educates employees who use, handle, store, and dispose of chemicals in the workplace. Meets general requirements for employees who use small amounts of chemicals on a daily basis. 

Hazardous Materials - Spill Clean Up
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
Excellent program for all persons using oil solvents and other hazardous materials. Program explains clean up procedures, emergency action, hazardous waste and provides information to help control the effects of spills and clean up operations. 

Hazardous Materials & Flammable Safety
(English) (16 min.)
Defines hazardous materials and flammable liquid, fire triangle, UEL, LEL, flash points, and other information necessary for safety improvement when working with these materials. 

Asbestos Threat
(English or Spanish) (7 min.)
Defines asbestos and where it can be found. Explains how to reduce exposure to this cancer causing substance. 

Asbestos - Building & Inspections
(English) (11 min.)
This film was produced for building inspectors. Reviews basics for development of inspection plan, and various techniques involved in asbestos inspection. 

Flammables - Combustibles
(English or Spanish) (8 min.)
Teaches safety awareness when working with flammable and/or combustible materials. Demonstrates how to store, use, handle, proper labeling and disposal of these materials. 

Fire Prevention Responsibility
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
Overview of basic fire prevention techniques with emphasis on employee responsibilities for housekeeping, avoid blocking of emergency exits, electrical fire prevention and protection, and fire extinguisher use. 
Fire Prevention, The Gory Story
(English) (15 min.)

H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
(English) (12 min.)
This program was first produced by the University of Texas for companies whose employees could be potentially exposed to H2S. Includes information relating to safety hazards and preventive measures. 
Fire Prevention 2000  
(English or Spanish) (15 min.)
This program is designed for all levels of personnel in fire prevention and proper use of fire extinguishers. Topics include approved safety containers, flame quenching, types of fire extinguishers, Fire Triangle, how to fight a fire, PASS method of fighting a fire, and more. This is a comprehensive up-to-date fire prevention program. $125.00
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning   
(English) (13 min.)
Environmental Regulation  
(English) (10 min.)
Indoor Air Quality  
(English) (11 min.)

DOT Shipping Of Hazardous Materials  
(English) (14 min.)


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