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Emergency Management and Preparedness
Incident Command System (ICS)
(English) (15 min.) 
Designs the basic structure and function of the Incident Command System which can be used at any size incident. The ICS is nationally recognized as the best emergency management system. 
Incident Safety
(English) (10 min.)
Examines safety considerations in an emergency response. Discusses disaster worker safety, as well as civilian security and safety concerns. 
Incident Command Response
(English) (10 min.)
Designed for all employees involved in a major incident or emergency in the workplace. Electrocution scenario with two victims explains what happened, why and how the incident could have been prevented.
EMS-Patient Lifting - Back Injury Prevention
(English) (13 min.)
Back strains and pain are the most common injuries for EMS personnel. This program was filmed on location at actual emergencies showing proper lifting techniques, as well as lifting patients on straight back chairs and backboards down stairways. 
Disaster Workers Code Of Safe Practices
(English) (9 min.)
Describes safety procedures and personal protective equipment guidelines and tips. Great orientation training program for volunteer fire department and emergency response personnel. 

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