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Safety Behavior

Employee Productivity 
(English or Spanish) (10 min.)
Program designed to help motivate employees to work efficiently, to be more productive and, certainly, to include safety in their every day work habits. Emphasis is on productivity, but the training emphasizes the need to work safely to achieve productivity.

What Is Carelessness?
(English or Spanish) (8 min.)
Everyone has a tendency to blame most accidents on carelessness which is really a meaningless term when you're trying to determine the cause of any accident. This program identifies the more common misconceptions about the word "carelessness" and stress the cause(s) of many accidents wrongly identified as carelessness. 

Unsafe Acts – Human Behavior 
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused, in whole or in part, by unsafe acts of employees. The major emphasis of this program is reducing unsafe acts through education.

Accident Causes & Prevention 
(English or Spanish) (11 min.)
Short program for training employees in the vast majority of accident causes – unsafe acts and how to prevent them. Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts, therefore the majority of safety efforts should be in reducing these types of acts. 

Diet, Nutrition & Cancer Prevention
(English) (11 min.)
Designed for audiences as better health awareness. Suggests what everyone should do on a daily basis to improve diet for cancer prevention. Information for this program was developed from the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Service.

Babysitter Basics
(English) 36 min.)

Cause And Avoidance Of Accidents
(English) (15 min.) 
This video looks at the causes of accidents and how companies can develop an "accident avoidance" system or program. Video is designed for employees to show how their unsafe acts or behavior are the cause of most accidents and how they can improve the reduction of accidents. Supervisors should also review this program for better safety performance results.


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