Probably the best way to "grasp" the concept of this new design

Is to do a side-by-side comparison (read notes below)

New "Articulated Displacer" Rotary Compressor
Old rotary compressor design


One of the biggest (and most obvious) advantages of this design (besides the efficiency which is discussed on "Tech Page 2") is the wear on the "vanes". With the "old style" rotary compressor, the point of contact of the vanes remains remains constant. (IE- the point of the vane with the most contact with the cylinder wall remains consistent throughout the entire cycle). This creates considerable wear on that point in the vain, causing the vanes to have to be replaced/repaired often.

The "Articulated Displacer" rotary compressor is immune to this situation. As it rotates through it's cycle, the vane's point of contact changes constantly. This is a HUGE benefit as maintenance, repair and replacement costs are decreased dramatically!